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Why to avoid diet shakes

By principalfit | In Diet Tips | on October 12, 2014

Hi guys,

Hope all is well. So I have wanted to do this for some time now, to send out some useful information to you in as a blog of sorts. Hopefully I will be able to do this on a regular basis!

Ok so today I wanted to talk about diet shakes and meal replacement drinks and why I think they are a bad idea. I have joined various local for sale groups on Facebook, looking for bargains as you do, and the amount of people trying to sell various diet supplements and weight loss shakes is unbelievable. I have come across many of these companies whilst working as a PT who have tried to get me to sell their shakes. I have never done this of a number of reasons and I thought that I would share my opinion of them with you.

For me these kinds of shakes are a bad idea. I think the first thing to consider is who is trying to sell you these things in the first place. The companies who sell these products make their money from recruiting people to sell for them who then recruit other people to sell for them each of them making a profit share as they go along. Now the problem with this is that you get people selling these products for the sole purpose of making some quick cash (don’t get me wrong, everyone likes to make a profit) but the problem occurs when you have people selling food based supplements that don’t really have any idea about nutrition, how the body works and what is healthy and what isn’t. So they tend to sell you these products with no idea of your history or what your current nutrition is like. All in all not ideal.

Another reason why these products don’t work in the long term is that they are never sustainable. In my job the key to getting long term results is by creating a nutrition and exercise plan that you can sustain, it’s what most people refer to as lifestyle changes. It is the reason why the vast majority of diets fail. It’s because you cannot realistically keep them going.

A lot of the meal replacement plans will get you drinking shakes all day instead of food and a lot of the time they will give you a very low calorie intake each day. Now we all know that calories play an important role in fat loss but it is important to understand that too low an intake will set you up for problems down the line. What we are looking for, when training clients, is to create a metabolism that is burning on all fronts. If you consistently have too low an intake of calories your body will eventually start to slow itself down. It will end up getting rid of anything that is highly metabolic (muscle tissue) and start to cling on to fat stores. You will end up getting to the stage where everything will grind to a halt and you will struggle to lose anymore weight. Now what’s even worse is that when you inevitably start to eat the wrong foods again your body will want to store as much as it can, as you have set it up for this, and you will end up gaining most of the weight back on and possibly even more. It is the classic case of yo-yo dieting.

So the right way to go about it is to get a real plan in place. Yes look at calories but also look at the quality of food you are eating. Quick fixes just don’t work, we want real results that we can keep in the long term.

So my advice is to stay away from these products and try and eat real food when possible with the exception of protein drinks which can be used in and around training.

Hope that was useful!

As always any questions just let me know.


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