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Take a look at our client’s results

  • Check out Jonathan's great results!

    Jonathan's Results

    * A 6 week training programme

    * A total fat loss of 23%

    * He dropped 5cm off his waist

    * He gained 4% muscle mass

    Here's what he had to say

    What changes did you make to your nutrition?

    • Increased protein intake by eating lots of fish (Tuna, Salmon as well as white fish), some red meat and protein shakes after workouts and as a mid-morning drink.
    • Reduced my sugar and carbohydrate intake by cutting out sugary snacks as well as bread etc. I still kept in small amounts of brown rice and pasta for some post workout meals.
    • I found it best to work to an organised/planned meal structure so that I could eat healthy whilst on the move or at work.
    • Cut out the alcohol completely. Nothing since New Year’s Eve!
    What classes did you attend?
    • Group PT twice a week focusing on legs, core and upper body.
    • Spartan circuits 2/3 times a week for that high intensity workout. • In general I was trying to get a good mix of cardio and resistance work.
    What training did you do outside of Principal Fitness?
    • Light early morning cardio 2/3 times a week, say 20 minutes rowing or jogging.
    • Running on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A mix of interval training and distance (say 4/5 miles on a Thursday).
    • Either sprint and hill sprint training or a long run or bike ride on Saturdays.
    • I set aside Sunday as a complete rest day.
    How difficult did you find it to make those changes?
    • Getting into the routine was the toughest thing but after the first week, the regular routine helped to keep me on track.
    • Regular support from principal fitness instructors and friends doing the same sessions also helped to keep me motivated.
    • I found that planning a training and nutrition diary was the most useful thing, although there was still a good amount of will power in avoiding temptation! The odd beer at the weekend or cake in the office was always hard to resist for example.
    Will you continue to the lifestyle you have done for the last 6 weeks?
    • Yes. For me this was always about setting a good fitness platform at the beginning of the year to support my training and event goals for the rest of the year. I've also felt full of energy and much more alert, particularly due to the nutrition plan, which has helped both the training and at work so definitely plan to keep that up.
    • Thanks for the advice and support from you all at Principal Fitness, without which I would not have achieved half as much over the past six weeks.

  • Check out Paul's great results!

    Paul's Results

    Lose weight, get lean and feel happier!

    * A varied training programme

    * A great meal plan

    * An amazing transformation

    Here's what he had to say

    Like many people, I tried a bunch of things to keep my weight in check; jogging round the block, cycling down the road, buying a rowing machine for home etc. But after a long time of doing the same things and achieving nothing, I decided to stop pretending like I knew anything about fitness and go learn from someone who really knows what they're talking about.
    That's when I met Charlie. We had a friendly chat and afterwards he generated a comprehensive personal training programme that included: a full diet plan detailing exactly what foods I should eat, when I should eat them and how much I should have – and a progressive exercise regime tailored to my physiology and personal goals.
    I was 16st with high blood pressure when I began Charlie's programme, now three months later I am 14st, my blood pressure is way down and I have achieved amazing body transformation results! Some think that dieting is enough, others just expect exercise alone to do the trick but the truth is: if you want real results you have to eat the right things and do the right exercises. Principal Fitness is excellent – It is a comfortable, friendly environment, the trainers are extremely knowledgable and each possess a diverse range of impressive professional expertise. So, If you've got some money going spare and want to get in shape, this is the way to do it! Stop wasting time doing things that you think will probably help and come see the people who actually know what they're talking about. It certainly worked for me!

  • Carl and Emily's great results

    Here's what Kevin has to say

    All of the classes I use at Principal Fitness encourage me to push myself to achieve my personal goals, whether its circuit training or boxing classes i always leave feeling like i have achieved something and cant wait to get back to the next class, Power burn has been especially useful as it offer a complete workout in just half an hour! Kevin Taylor

    Here's what Ross has to say

    I have been seeing Charlie twice a week since the beginning of November. The results are noticeable and my re measure (MOT), this week confirmed this. Going to the sessions and having the continued nutrition advice has generally made me much more pro active and has put more structure back into my routine. The sessions are varied and tailored. I would defiantly recommend Charlie. Ross Trutch

    Here's what Julie has to say

    I have been training with Principal Fitness now for 2 months, and I have to say that not only have found that my fitness levels have increased significantly, but I have also noticed a loss in inches, which is fantastic. Charlie, Dan and Greg are all excellent trainers, always encouraging me to push myself that step further, which has enabled me to train in the more advanced classes now and get even better results. I have set my goals for next year and I have no doubt that with the support and advice I receive from these guys, I will reach them. Also, no two classes are ever the same, which really keeps me motivated. Julie Jones

    Here's what Gary has to say

    Joining Principal Fitness is a great way to stay in shape. With my work and home life it is difficult to get into weekly routine. Principal Fitness offer a flexible and varied way to keep fit which can accommodate everyone's schedule, fitness level and bank balance. It is also a really friendly environment and it was a good place to meet new like minded people when I first move to the area. Gary Skipper

    Here's what Caroline has to say

    I thoroughly enjoy every session at Principal Fitness. It's a fun and friendly place with experienced and educated trainers on hand to guide you and help you get results. Having gone down three jeans sizes since I first started training with Charlie over a year ago, I am thrilled with my results. I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I ever thought would be possible after my second baby. If you are willing to put the effort in, you simply can't go wrong with the Principal Fitness team. I started off doing one session a week and now do six. As a Mum of two, the evening sessions fit in perfectly to my lifestyle. There is something for all abilities and fun to be had at all levels. I can't recommend a better place to get fit and stay fit! Caroline Haykal