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Exercise Classes


The aim of our Strength class is simple; we want to make you stronger!

Improving your overall strength can have many fantastic benefits, not only are you going to improve your physique, increasing strength can help reduce the likelihood of injuries, falls and can reduce muscle atrophy as we age.

The class is also ideal if you’re looking to improve sports performance. Having a strong base can enhance performance across most sports, whether you’re a runner, cyclist or playing team sports.

In our view a solid strength programme is vital for overall wellbeing.

Our class is open to all abilities and takes place at our studio at Boston Spa Academy, not far from Wetherby.

Outdoor Bootcamps

If you prefer to train outside in the open air, then our Outdoor Bootcamps are for you.

Our bootcamps are designed to give you a whole-body workout. Our aim is to improve your fitness, core strength, muscular endurance, and overall wellbeing, you will work a bit of everything in these sessions.

The sessions take place at Stables Lane Park in Boston Spa, the park is located just off the main street, down the road opposite Tom Foolery. There’s plenty of parking if you’re driving to the sessions.

In our bootcamps we use exercise bands, slam balls, power bags, kettlebells and all the natural obstacles the park has to offer.

Our bootcamps are open to all abilities.

Fat Burner

If you’re looking to burn calories, then our Fat Burner class is for you.

Our goal is to give you a full body workout whilst maximising calories burnt. Our fat burner classes are made up of a mix of resistance training, core work and cardiovascular exercise.

The classes take place in our studio at Boston Spa Academy, we use free weights, barbells, slam balls, battle ropes, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, bikes, and rowers in this class.

Although our Fat Burner class gives you a fantastic full body workout, in order to lose fat mass you will need to adapt your nutrition as well as attending the class.

Our Fat Burner class is open to all abilities.


Our conditioning class aims to give you a bit of everything.

The class is made up of resistance training, core exercise and cardio work. The aim is to provide you with a full body workout to help you improve fitness and physique.

The class is open to all abilities, all movements can be adapted to suit any level.

The class takes place in our studio up at Boston Spa Academy near Wetherby.

Group PT

Our group PT classes allow you have the benefits of personal training but at an affordable cost.

The sessions are designed around your own personal goals; whether that’s gaining muscle, losing weight or training for sports performance. We will design a programme tailored to your targets.

The sessions have a maximum of 5 people which allows us to give you focused support and attention.

The sessions take place at our studio at Boston Spa Academy near Wetherby.