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Low carbohydrate diets and refueling after exercise

By principalfit | In Diet Tips | on October 12, 2014

Hi guys,

So I wanted to talk a little bit about carbohydrates. Its a huge issue nowadays for fat loss. Before the low carb diet was popular it was all about the low fat diet. For me you should never cut out a single food group. It has to be all about balance and timings.

A well nourished adult can store around 500 grams of carbohydrate, thats around 2000kcal. 400 grams are stored in muscle cells and 90 – 110 are stored in the liver with 25 grams circulating the blood as glucose.

A person who is having a low carb diet for long duration will use up these stores failry quickly. If they are not being replenished the body is going to need to get energy from other sources such as proteins and fats. Now in some cases this can be a useful tool for burning fat, however the problem occurs when people do this for a long period of time or whilst doing intense training. This is because the body will start to break down muscle tissue for energy as well as slowing down the metabolism. Haulting the things we want for fat loss.

The easiest and simpliest way to think about carb intake is to vary intake depending on how active you are. For training days you will need more carbohydrates for optimal performance and recovery. When you are fairly inactive you will want to decrease your intake.

So take home message. Never completely cut out any food group. Focus on timings of foods and re-fuel with carbs after exercise.

The video below, which I recently put on the facebook page, describes why you want to re-fuel after training:


Hope that’s useful. As always any questions just give me a shout.



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