Corporate Wellbeing


Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing Services

We provide a range of wellbeing services to businesses to help improve employee wellbeing.

Our extensive wellbeing experience has shown us firsthand the positive impact health and wellbeing has on your employees. A person who is physically fit, has minimal/managed stress, has good quality sleep, is of sound of mind and has good nutritional balance will function much more effectively than if they have made poor wellbeing choices.

We provide comprehensive tools, education and services to corporate businesses and smaller firms to help your employees make long term sustainable changes to help improve their overall health. We’re based in Leeds and the Yorkshire area and are more than happy to give you a visit to discuss your needs.

All exercise classes can be delivered romotely via Zoom or Teams.

Training apps and exercise programmes to help keep employees on track.

1-1 services including: personal training, nutrition, sports massage and physio.

On site exercise classes including: General Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Circuits plus more.

15-point on site Health MOTs with full PDF reports for all employees.

Nutrition workshops and seminars based around sustainable healthly eating and balance.

Modern lifestyles, sedentary jobs and increased stress all have a huge impact on the health of an organisations staff. The continual increase of illnesses formed through poor lifestyle factors places a huge cost on businesses, not only employee absence but indirect costs as well. We aim to help change this.

Our aim is to help you create a healthy, energised and focused workforce, reduce employee absence, improve your performance as a business and enhance your reputation as a great place to work. We want to save your company money in the long run and help your company succeed and grow through enhancing the health of your staff.

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