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“I'm a mum on a mission to help you reach your weight loss goals”

More about Louise

I’m 40 and a Mum of two, about seven years ago after the birth of my children I was very unhappy with my body, I had love handles, muffin top and a saggy bottom! I decided to do something about it. I decided to join a gym. Luckily for me I met an amazing trainer who showed me programmes and techniques that no one had ever done before, he showed me the difference certain methods of training can make.

The results I achieved were amazing and I was hooked. That was the beginning of a new career for me. Since then I have gone on to study for many fitness and nutrition qualifications, including my Biosignature modulation certification which enables me to offer both fitness and nutritional coaching. I am on the REP’s register and can be found on the register of Biosignature practitioners.

A personal achievement was competing in my first fitness competition, which required a great amount of hard work and commitment but was well worth it, and last year I qualified and won NABBA Novice British Finals in the toned figure class

Thanks, Louise